Yuzu Nephilim

TYPE: Amo-loid
F3 -F5
Yami Nephilim

Usa Kunishiro (Friend, fellow Amo-loid)

AGE16GENREunknownCREATORTsuki Hikari
WEIGHT45kgCHARACTER ITEMmask with sad faceVOICE SOURCETsuki Hikari
Sun, light, most of animals, idiots, electronics, loud places, kids, sweet things, God.
LIKESGood books, opera and classical music, art, spiders, singing, poetry.
PERSONALITY: Yuzu is a orphan. She was found at the doors of orphanage founded by nuns. They raised her and of course she went to catholic school. Due to strict and very religious upbringing, she started to hate God with all her might, as soon as she reach teenage age. 
Yuzu is quiet, intelligent girl, or maybe young women, because she behaves more like a lady than teenager. She don't like stupid people, ignorants, technology and a lot of other things. She feels like there something wrog, like she should belong to other place, other age. She love reading in quiet room with a cup of good tea. Or even wine. She don't care that she couldn't drink, untill she'll be adult.
Her surname is quite mysterious. Nephilims were childrens of angels (sons of god) and human womens. They had supernatural power. Yuzu knows it, and she's wondering that maybe she's a nephilim? Sometimes, when she's really mad she make things fall to the floor, or even fly a little. And she have really, really good intuition. Hm.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Black
Headgear: mask with sad face, that she wears on right side of her head.
Eye color: Black
Earphones: -
Nationality/Race: unknown

*Working on her official concept art picture*